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19 year old Billie Jean had no idea when she walked into the Army Recruiting office in 1943 that in less than a year she would be breaking code in the Southwest Pacific. Her WWII military service in the Women's Army Corps would take her from her home in West Texas to assignments in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines. While her wanderlust and volunteer spirit got her to the Pacific, her intelligence and attention to detail got her hand-picked for an all women select cryptologic field unit. Billie Jean struggles to decipher enemy secrets while confronting all the dangers of love and war.

The selfless service and contribution of U.S. women serving in the Signal Intelligence Service during the Second World War is relatively unknown. Cryptanalyst, Genevieve Grotjan Feinstein's discovery was the key to breaking the "Purple" Japanese Diplomatic code which was crucial in allowing the Allies to win the war in the Pacific. Much of the highly secretive work was done by women back home and in the field. Follow the untold story of WWII Signal Intelligence WACS serving in the Southwest Pacific through the eyes of Billie Jean Nicodemus, one of their own.

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As a first time author, Barbara Nicodemus is devoted to telling her mother's story, revealing the little known history of the WWII code breaking WACS
of the Pacific. A contribution
many take for granted.

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